Is Your Tree Up Yet?

Mine isn't! That's because we haven't gotten a tree yet. You see, we get our tree from the Christmas tree farm. It costs more but seeing the kids have fun running around and choosing the perfect Christmas tree makes it all worth it. The memories we've made from the past years and the ones we'll make this year and the succeeding years will forever be ingrained in them. We almost always get very cold weather each time we go and get a tree. It doesn't matter which week of December we choose to go, it happens that way and it will be bone-chilling weather again this year. I think last year was the nicest though, there was light snow falling and thick snow on the ground so it was magical. Next would be the hard part, decorating the tree and the house and of course, buying presents. I already bought Amber's IPOD and dh's dress watch; I still need to get Tyler's DSi and presents for the rest of dh's family. It's hard to look for gifts for his brothers, I might give one of them some truck accessories or something like it.


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happymom said...

I haven't put mine up either. I'm donating my old one to the church for a toy drive and buying another one for the house just procrastenating

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