He is Coming Tonight!

Yes he is.. His name is Cooper, it is his 'original name' and the kids liked it so we decided to keep his name. He is a pure bred Bichon Frise and he comes from a line of champions. Quite a pedigree! We have the house all ready for him, this is just like making the house baby proof! Although this time, we have to make sure there are no wires hanging about. Good thing we don't have any medical equipment in the house, less wires to deal with. We also bought his food, he eats Avoderm all-natural puppy food; toys, and other stuff. He is coming in tonite via American Airlines. I hope there are no delays in his flight. He will be the kids' first dog and they are excited to meet him. I received a call from Cooper's breeder this morning and she gave me her phone number and email address just in case we have any questions regarding Cooper. I'm so glad that he comes from a good home, then he won't have trouble adjusting to ours.

Best Age to Start Cleaning...Now!

I believe that young kids can be taught to clean their rooms. Depending on their age, it can range from picking up toys and putting it back in its' right place to vacuuming their room and changing bed sheets. I also let T, who will turn 6 years old this summer, into dusting tables and entertainment centers. He wanted to vacuum too but he could not finish the whole room, he gets tired just after a couple of passes. Well, at least he's trying to do it, that's what counts the most.

Are You Ready??

Can you honestly say that you are ready for any unforseen circumstances? It is a hard question to answer. That's the reason why there is insurance. Also, a part of our paychecks go to the government for medicaid and social security disability. It's a big deduction but I can sleep better (a little bit) knowing that there is something that we will receive if ever that time comes.

Losing Something Precious

It feels bad when you lose anything and it feels really bad when it is something that you treasure. Well, I feel really, really bad! I lost a diamond earring! I just noticed it the other night when I felt my left earlobe...nothing in there! Drats... I swept the floor with a broom (like the ones used in the Philippines - yes, I have that LOL) and didn't find it! *sigh* I've had that diamond earring before T was born. Dh told me that if we couldn't find it this weekend, he'll get me a new pair. I hope I can find something similar at a reasonable price so I don't have to wait for Cyber Monday to get a good deal.

Keeping the Kids Entertained on a Long Road Trip

When we drove to Orlando, Florida last month to go to Disney World for the kids' Winter break, the kids didn't drive us crazy..thank goodness! We made sure that they have their individual Nintendo DSi, their favorite books, her IPOD, his favorite Webkinz stuffed toys PLUS the most important thing during our trip - the SUV's built-in DVD and entertainment center! Lucky me, dh drove 99%. I only drove for an hour and a half - just one time - during our vacation. We are also thankful that we didn't have to use roadside assistance at all. We have the AAA Premium membership so even if we had engine troubles, we don't have to pay for towing and such.

T'was a Long Road Trip

This past Winter break, we brought the kids to Disney World for the first time. They had been to many countries in Europe, but they have yet to go to the 'happiest place on earth'. It's by choice, we wanted to wait until our boy is tall enough to get into most of the rides, and we were glad that we waited. He had a great time all in all! We opted to drive down to Florida since we wanted to visit some friends and relatives along the way. It is very expensive too, to stay inside Disney World. We stayed at the Disney Wilderness Lodge Resort and it was WOW!! The lobby is just breath taking and well-worth the visit. For our week-long stay, inclusive of 5 park tickets, we paid a pretty sum for everything. Good thing we saved for this trip - by cutting back on eating out, for one and by getting cheap car insurance. Will we go back? Hmmm, I think not. Not because we didn't enjoy it but because we are the kind of family who likes to go to new places each time. Well, with the exception of some cities in Europe, we want to go somewhere else next vacation.

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