Middle Aged or What?

I celebrated my birthday last weekend. I guess I'm considered middle-aged although I don't feel like it. Most moms my age have high-school aged kids and some even have kids in college. I, on the other hand have young ones. Do I regret starting a family late? No, I don't. I met the right guy when I was in my early thirties. I'm sure I would've been miserable jlike some women if I settled on any man just because I want to have children. I also didn't want to marry young. I wanted to experience life and what it has to offer. It's all about choices, that's what I told my cousins. One married right out of college and the other married while in her senior year in High School. They were both pregnant when they got married. Now, both of them are separated from their husbands and have kids in college. Too bad there is no divorce in the Philippines. I'm sure they want to find a life partner.

Helping Out in School

Now that both kids are in school full-time, I have some free time to help out in school. They have opening slots for recess and library. I think I will sign-up for the library slot. It's getting cooler and I don't want to be outdoors come winter time. The library will have more work but I don't mind. This will give me a chance to get to know the ohter kids in school and their teachers.

Family Dinner

I really think that having dinner as a family is important. This is sometimes the only chance for the family to be together and talk about the goings on in everyone's day. In our household, we have family dinners almost all days of the week. There are times when one of the kids would want to skip dinner because they're not hungry but it does not happen often. I know that in some families, this is hard to do because of different schedules. If this is the case, then make an effort to at least eat together at least once a week.

My Family, My Life

I am a full-time mom of two school-aged children. My first-born is a girl who is 9 years old and my youngest is four year old boy. Now that both of them are in school full-time, I have a couple of hours free to do whatever I want. I thought that I will be able to do more for myself but I end up doing chores and do some blogging. Hubby even commented that blogging is now like a full-time job for me since this is what I have been doing almost every day when I am not doing stuff around the house. This blog is about my life as a mom and a housewife.

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