Can We Stay Home... summer? That's what A asked dh and I after coming back from a month-long vacation in the Philippines. She has a valid reason for asking that question. Last year, we went to Europe for a month. Then this year, we also left the country. She said she just wants to stay home and enjoy a leisurely summer. She missed going to summer camp this year since we had our vacation in the middle of the summer. Dh and I love to travel and I know that my kids love it too. They're both seasoned travellers which makes us so proud. But I can understand where A is coming from, she missed going to grammy's house and spend the day in the pool playing with her cousins. As of now, we don't have any plans for next year. Maybe we'll just go camping in Maine. I'll have to start looking for rv towing prices online.

Phew! What a Crazy Weekend for Parties.

Five parties last weekend, can you imagine that? I am bushed! Not to mention out by a hundred smackers. Both my kids had birthday parties left and right plus my friend also celebrated her birthday. The busiest was last Saturday when we went to 3 parties. Well, summer is over and the kids will be back to school on the 31st. Before we know it, it'll be Thanksgiving then Christmas. I'm sure the holiday invitations will start pouring in. As for now, I'm looking forward to school starting. I'm actually looking forward to doing some redecorating projects around the house.

Can I Have a Dog...Pleeeaaaase...

If I had a dollar for each time that my kids asks me this question, I'd be able to buy another Michael Kors bag. My daughter has been asking me if she can get a dog since she was in preschool. Now my son is asking for a dog too. Dh and I have been telling them that when they are responsible enough, then that's the time they will get a pet. Having a pet is no joke, especially here in the US. Since we don't have any household help, we have to do everything by ourselves. Plus, the cost of veterinary care and pet supplies can be very expensive. It'll also be a problem everytime we go for vacation, especially for this family since we love to travel.
So, as of now, we don't have a dog or a cat. Maybe we'll a parakeet or a goldfish for now.

One Tooth Down

We visited an orthodontist right before we left for vacation. We found him through my kids' dentist. You can also look foIf you're looking for a southpark dentist or any dentist anywhere, you can look online or better yet, ask other parents for referrals.
Dr. Bob's dental office is so impressive. It's very modern and has the state-of-the-art equipment. It's not your usual dentist' clinic. Just look at the reception area, it looks more like a hotel doesn't it? The computer monitor is a touch-screen and it is where A checks-in. She touches her photo and that's it. This office also has a flat-screen TV, a nintendo Wii, an X-Box, a PS3 and Guitar Hero (with headphones) for patients to use while waiting for their turn. They clearly thought about the design and the features of this office. Dr. Bob said that A still has to lose one more tooth so she has to wiggle it after brushing her teeth. She'll get her braces at the end of the year if all goes well.

Shopping and Kids

Among my two kids, it is my son that likes to go shopping with me. I don't know if it has something to do with his age or the fact that he likes to look at the toys and hopes he gets to bring it home with us. I always remind him before we go out that the toy needs to be inexpensive and he can only choose one. What happens when he sees another toy that he wants? That's where my bartering skills come into play. I either make him choose or I use a favorite toy against this new one. It almost always work and I think he is starting to learn that he cannot get every toy that he sets his sights on. He either have to work for it or wait until Christmas or his birthday and hope that it will be in one of the presents.

When it comes to shopping malls, the Philippines cannot be beat. If there is one thing I miss from that country, it is the malls. If you haven't been to a mall in the Philippines, then you are missing something. It always amazes me that there are new malls everytime I come back for a visit. What is even more amazing are the throngs of people inside, be it a weekday and more so during the weekend. The malls are huge that you can get almost anything you need, even the plasma mounts for your new flat-screen tv. I am surely going to miss shopping in Manila. It is always one of the things I look forward to everytime I go back for a visit.

He Goes Where I Go

College Friends While vacationing in the Philippines, one of my agenda was to see my college friends. I haven't seen them since graduating from the university, that's more than 20 years ago. I migrated here in the US a year after graduation and I lost touch with them. Late last year, I found one of them online and we set up a reunion. I planned to come with both of my kids but A didn't want to go. This is a sign that A is getting into the 'teen' stage, you know, the stage where they don't want to be seen with their parents. *sniff*. Anyway, it is not a problem with my son. T wants to go where ever it is I'm going. As long as mommy is there, he wants to be there too. It's great that he wants to be with me but as with any other 5 year olds, he gets bored easily so I hear a lot of "How come it's taking so long?" questions. It got to a point where I make him promise not to ask me that question or not to complain if he wants to come with me.
Anyway, I did get to see my college friends, one of which became a nun. Thanks to the internet, it'll be easier to keep in contact. We plan to have a reunion again in a couple of years so I need to start using night cream so I won't be all wrinkly. I'm sure by then, T will not tag along since he will be in the same stage A is in.

Home Sweet Home

The fun is over and it is now back to reality. *sigh* Well, to tell you the truth, I missed a lot of things while on vacation. First of all, I missed my bed, except for the 5 days when we were at the Shangri-la Mactan. Let me tell you, the Ocean Club is definitely worth it. I also missed the clothes dryer. Yup, hard to believe but the one we have at our house in Manila doesn't dry real well. I also missed driving, not that I have the nerve to drive in Manila! I cannot imagine how I managed to drive around when I was still living in Manila. It's either I have nerves of steel or I just became a wimp and got spoiled with the wide and uncongested streets here in the U.S.

So, what do I have to show from my vacation? The tan, of course. 5 days under the Philippine sun took a toll on us. Thank goodness for sun block and anti wrinkle eye cream. It's all worth it since my kids loved the resort and didn't want to leave. Now that story is coming soon!

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