Shopping and Kids

Among my two kids, it is my son that likes to go shopping with me. I don't know if it has something to do with his age or the fact that he likes to look at the toys and hopes he gets to bring it home with us. I always remind him before we go out that the toy needs to be inexpensive and he can only choose one. What happens when he sees another toy that he wants? That's where my bartering skills come into play. I either make him choose or I use a favorite toy against this new one. It almost always work and I think he is starting to learn that he cannot get every toy that he sets his sights on. He either have to work for it or wait until Christmas or his birthday and hope that it will be in one of the presents.

When it comes to shopping malls, the Philippines cannot be beat. If there is one thing I miss from that country, it is the malls. If you haven't been to a mall in the Philippines, then you are missing something. It always amazes me that there are new malls everytime I come back for a visit. What is even more amazing are the throngs of people inside, be it a weekday and more so during the weekend. The malls are huge that you can get almost anything you need, even the plasma mounts for your new flat-screen tv. I am surely going to miss shopping in Manila. It is always one of the things I look forward to everytime I go back for a visit.


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Ethical Fashion said...

Yes, kids are almost the same, i use to warn may kids not to ask any toys when we're going for shopping. It's better to teach the kids early that she can't get everything at once.

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