How Will it Benefit Us?

This health care debate has been going on for months and it seems that it's not going to end soon enough. It's always on the news and each side has its' reasons on why they do or don't agree with it. What's my opinion? As long as my family will benefit from it, I'm all for it. As of now, we pay a large insurance premium for a family of four, that's already with the help of dh's company. If the congress and senate could just pass a low cost health insurance then it will be a big help to middle income families like us.

Losing Weight

How do we get rid of these stubborn pounds? Don't suggest training for the marathon, I'll probably pass out after two miles! Plus, I have bad knees from my days doing Jazzercise, it was fun though. I wish there was something like it close to where I live now. It seems more popular in California where I lived for 12 years. It gets harder too when you reach middle age. I heard of people doing the colon cleanse but have not tried it. I don't know if I will either.

colon cleanse

Decisions for Mom

My dad passed away last September and my mom is now alone living in her house. She's only 15minutes away from my sister. She's in her mid-70s and is still very able to live by herself. Even then, we do not want her to be alone especially at night. I don't know if cross country moving is the best for her since she has complained about how cold it is here in the east coast. For now, she stays with my sister during the night and is at her own house during the day. This is not for the long term though, sooner or later, we all have to sit down and decide what's best for her.


Dh and I have been planning to re-decorate the family room and the living room for what seemed like a year! Well, actually, it's been more than a year when he said that we will paint the walls a different color. Right now, it's an ivory-color thing on the wall. I was hoping that we'd have it done before Christmas. Since we were out of the country last summer, we weren't able to do it then. One of my worries about painting the family room is the moving of the enterrainment system and all the stuff in it! We have a large one plus it is a pain to unplug all those wires and stuff that connects the plasma tv to the home theater systems and cable box. *sigh* Thank goodness that both dh and I are engineers, we can read diagrams and such. I hope we'll be able to paint this room before the year ends at least, if not, there's always next year!

Diet, diet, diet

I've never really gone on a diet, per se. I haven't tried any diet that's out there. A month or so ago, I saw this piece on Good Morning America about this Cookie Diet. Some say that it works. Who doesn't want to eat cookies? I guess it's better than eating cabbage soup. I wish there is a diet pill that works, I'd probably be one of the first in line. I need an exercise partner!! Any volunteers? Coffee's on me!

Making Their Lists

My son, he's 5, has already made his Christmas wish list. Every year, we make a list of things we want for Christmas. It's been like this with dh's family; they ask for the list every year. It makes it easier for every one, no more guess work and unwanted gifts. So when I was in Manila for my dad's interment, I was using Skype to chat with dh and the kids, when T showed me this piece of paper. Then he said that he already made his Christmas wish list. I'm glad that there aren't a lot of things in there. I told them that this Christmas, they can only have 2 things from mommy and daddy. He's fine with that since he knows he's also getting gifts from his grandparents and uncles. My daughter, who's not a kid but not yet a teen, is still deciding on what she wants. When she learned that the new ipods has a built-in radio, she said that this might be her Christmas gift from us. I'm still thinking about that since her Zune (a Microsoft MP3 player) is still working great. We'll see what dh and decide. I am planning to start making my Christmas shopping lists very soon. I hope dh doesn't have work the day after Thanksgiving so I can shop for deals. Have you started your Christmas gift shopping?

Espresso In Italy

I didn't drink coffee until 5 years ago. I don't know why, I just didn't enjoy it. I was more of an orange juice person parents' visited and my dad, who is an avid coffee drinker has to have freshly brewed coffee every day. Well, before you know it, I was hooked. When my family and I visited Italy last year, I had my first espresso in one of those quaint Italian cafes. It was in Piazza San Marco or St. Mark's Square in Venice. It was pretty memorable, if you can imagine. The espresso was served with a small square of dark chocolate and boy, was I in heaven. It was the perfect combination. So now, I am looking at espresso machines online so I can put it in my Christmas wish list.

A Never Ending Battle

I'm one of those women that are not born thin. If I eat as much as a teaspoon of Haagen Daaz, I can assure you that I will gain 5 lbs! I used to exercise a lot when I was still single, then when the kids came, time disappeared. I don't want to use weight loss pills because it may be dangerous and it's not regulated by the FDA. So I just need to motivate myself to walk and exercise and start losing these extra pounds.

Getting the Kids to Help Out

Sometimes, it's easier for moms to do things ourselves. But there are times where we need help in doing stuff around the house. This is especially true during the holidays. Thanksgiving is fast approaching and just thinking about it, makes me tired. I am hosting it for the 5th year in a row. I don't mind doing it because I love to cook and I love hosting parties for families and small groups of friends. For the past couple of years, I assign tasks to my kids to do things around the house. Of course, it's dependent upon their age. For my son, who's only 5 yrs old, he gets to pick up toys and put it away in it's proper storage. For my daughter, who's almost 11, then she gets one that requires a little bit of work. I make her clean the ceramic tiles with the Swiffer mop. She also vacuums the family room since our vacuum is very light. Dh meanwhile is in charge of the other chores that I don't have time to do. So all in all, I have everything covered. Now, I just need to worry about the turkey being done in time...

Still Jet-lagged...

It's been a week since I returned from the Philippines and I am still feeling jet-lagged. I guess it's because I wasn't able to fully-recover after my trip. I immediately went into 'mommy mode' the minute I stepped into the house. Of course it has to be done, especially if you have kids under 10. I usually feel sleepy late in the afternoon, around 5:00pm which is the time I have to start preparing dinner. I might need some sleep aid if I still have not gone back to my regular schedule.

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