No to Motorcycles

"When I grow up, I want to ride a motorcycle" said my son. "Uh, I don't think so honey." I will not let him get one as long as he is my dependent. When he's an adult, then all I can do is hope and pray that he doesn't buy a motorcycle. Those things are dangerous. I'm worried about other drivers, there are a lot of crazy ones out there. If one gets in an accident, the consequences can be serious; just ask a San Jose motorcycle accident attorney. I just hope that T changes his mind when he's all grown up.

Choices, choices

It's time for me to start thinking of my future. Should I go back to my old career or get a new one? Right now I'm leaning towards a new career. Even though my old career is a very stable one, I don't think I want all the pressure that comes with it. I have to start looking at my choices and maybe even go back to school or get an online degree. With the cost of college education, I want to be able to help dh when it's time for our kids to get a degree.

Protect Your Child's Identity

Do you carry your child's Social Security card with you at all times? You shouldnt. You shouldn't even carry your own SS card. You don't need it. It's safer to leave it at home. Why? If your pocket book or wallet gets stolen, then you're setting yourself up for identity theft. It is rampant these days. Always check your credit report every year. It is free. To be extra careful, you can sign up for one of those identity theft protection services. You can never be too careful.

Another Year of Volunteering

I cannot believe it when I found myself signing the volunteer sheet in school last night. There was a parent meeting and beside the class sign-up sheet was the volunteer sheet. I was planning to volunteer for lunch or recess but then I thought I didn't want to do it every day. So there I was signing my name on the sheet. I like volunteering at my kids' school. I get to see them in that environment and it also gives me the chance to know their friends and classmates. Since I'm not working, it's a good use of my time. It's even better than doing order fulfillment for some company. How about any of you moms out there, do you volunteer in school?

Free Time Finally

Now that school has started, I have a lot of time on my hands. Aside from doing the usual daily chores, I can now start on my redecorating project. First, I need to call one of the charity organizations and donate the sofa set. I thought of giving it away on but then I want the tax write-off so I'm going the other route. I already picked out the new sofa I liked from the furniture store's online site. Now I still have to decide on the new paint color and lighting like wrought iron candle sconces. I also have many paintings and photos from our Europe and Philippine vacations that has to be framed and/or put on the wall. I hope I'll be able to finish all this before Thanksgiving.

Labor Day..No Kidding

Well, it truly is a Labor day for this mom. I spent the whole day doing chores around the house. From doing the laundry, organizing the basement, cleaning the fridge and cooking lunch and dinner for my brood, I felt that I really celebrated Labor Day. ha ha Not only that, I managed to bake my famous jumbo Chocolate Chip cookies. Yummy!

So, what else did we do this Labor Day weekend? Saturday, we went over to my in-laws' house and the kids and dh went swimming. Why didn't I go swimming? Well, I'm trying to stay out of the sun since I already got too much of it when we were on vacation in the Philippines. If not, then I'll have to get some treatment for wrinkles pretty soon!Then Sunday, we went to the birthday party of my friend's daughter. In between these activities and chores, I still managed to visit Facebook and tend to my farms and restaurant. :o)

What? Why?

Kids and their never-ending questions. You gotta love them! Sometimes, my 5 year old will ask me a question that is so silly I don't even know how to answer it. So what do I do? I make something up that is also as silly as the question and he ends up laughing. Kids are naturally curious so they ask questions. Sometimes though parents get too busy to pay them any attention. I also try to avoid watching shows that aren't suitable for kids when they're in my bedroom. It's okay if its a question about what colon cleansers are but I don't want to answer if they ask what the KY jelly is for.

Back to School

Well, the kids survived or better yet I SURVIVED the first week of school. haha It was a little hard for me to go back into the thick of things at first. It's not that I wake up very late during the vacation months, I only slept in until 6:30am at the most. I felt I needed more sleep when I woke at at 5:15am for the first three days but I'm glad that I finally woke up Thursday morning all refreshed and ready to go. Granted that I have to sacrifice watching my favorite TV shows like Top Chef and Project Runway on the LCD TV in the bedroom. The good news is that the repeat episodes are shown regularly, thank goodness.

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