I Need a Big Push

Okay, I really need an exercise partner. Someone who is in the same boat as I am, wanting to shed those extra pounds, and someone who doesn't talk too much. You know what I mean, there are people who likes to talk and talk and talk, you can barely get one word in. We have a treadmill in the basement along with a weight machine and some Total Body thingy that dh bought. It would be nice if we can get an elliptical machine. I saw those ellipticals at a TV ad for a local gym. I wonder if it's more effective than the treadmill? The ad say that it is but of course, all ads will say anything for you to buy their product. After this trip to Manila, I am seriously considering getting back on the wagon, so to speak. I fell off the wagon when we had our vacation to Disney World this last Winter Break. I hope I'll get that extra push that I need to jumpstart my derailed exercise regimen.

Un-Happy Homecoming

For the second time in less than a year, I am going back to the Philippines on a sad note. It would've been nice if I was going on vacation, sadly, it is not the case. My only brother was murdered along with his girlfriend. They were taken from his apartment and brought to a remote place and were shot and stabbed to death. I pray to God that the perpetrators of this heinous crime be brought to justice.
Now, I am here in the Los Angeles International Airport waiting for my flight to the Philippines tonite.
Compared to the airport in Boston, there are a lot of police presence here in Losd Angeles. I see a lot of them with high-powered firearms on their shoulder. It's kind of creepy but it gives me the sense of security at the same time. After the 911 incident with the box cutter, airport security has never been tighter.

It Finally Died...

The dryer, that is. We've had that dryer forever. Actually, dh owned it even before we met! That's a long time ago considering we've been married for more than 10 years. We've been meaning to replace it but other appliances had to be replaced first because it stopped working, like the free-standing stove/oven and the fridge. Now, two years later, the dryer finally croaked. I was hoping we'd see some promotional products so at least we'll get a discount. Well, we got a 10% discount for purchasing the matching washer since it has the energy star seal. Too bad the dryer wasn't discounted - no dryer has received the energy star rating yet. So, now, I'm using my new washer and dryer and am loving it!

Shopping Smartly

One thing I've learned from all my years of grocery shopping, is how to avoid falling into the so-called 'shopping traps'. For example, the product placement - grocers put the expensive items in the middle shelves, those that are eye-level so shoppers will see it first. The products that are cheaper and/or store brands are placed in hard-to-reach places, the top and the bottom. I also avoid buying products that are on those point of purchase displays, those cardboard displays that are usually placed in front of the shelves or in the middle of the aisle. I stopped shopping in one grocery just because they have too many of these displays in the aisles, and navigating through all these with the shopping cart is next to impossible! I prefer groceries that have wide aisles and lots of lights. Am I the only one with these preferences, I don't think so. Dh also prefers it this way.

Cooper Pooper

Well, at least he uses the wee-wee pad now. It took him three weeks to learn where to relieve himself. I thought my house will smell like a kennel before he learns but I'm so happy that he is a smart puppy! It also helped that he gets a treat everytime the goes to the bathroom. I'm still trying to figure out how much to feed him. He is not a big eater so that is a good thing, or else I'll have to look for diet pills that work for dogs! Just kidding! He is such a sweet puppy though, we're glad that we chose him.

Spring = Cleaning

Do I have to? Well, yes, I've got no choice! I wish I have help, just thinking of it makes me lazy. Every year, I wonder where I should start. Should I start with the clothes? clean the windows? change the humidifier filters before storing it in the attic? oh, and the garden! the vegetable and the flower garden...Hmm, I guess this year, I will start with the windows. It is a pain but someone's got to do it.

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