Shopping Smartly

One thing I've learned from all my years of grocery shopping, is how to avoid falling into the so-called 'shopping traps'. For example, the product placement - grocers put the expensive items in the middle shelves, those that are eye-level so shoppers will see it first. The products that are cheaper and/or store brands are placed in hard-to-reach places, the top and the bottom. I also avoid buying products that are on those point of purchase displays, those cardboard displays that are usually placed in front of the shelves or in the middle of the aisle. I stopped shopping in one grocery just because they have too many of these displays in the aisles, and navigating through all these with the shopping cart is next to impossible! I prefer groceries that have wide aisles and lots of lights. Am I the only one with these preferences, I don't think so. Dh also prefers it this way.


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