What's in Their Packed Lunch?

Most of the times, my kids get hot lunch from school. There are days however, one of them doesn't like what's being offered that day. Then I have to prepare a packed lunch that day. The other day, my son asked to bring lunch from home. I gave him a couple of options like the usual sandwich (peanut butter, Nutella, jelly or ham), Foccacia style pizza, Hot Pocket sub or chicken nuggets. I also packed sliced apples for his lunch. I rinse the sliced apple in water with some lemon juice so it won't turn brown. The Oreos you see here is for his snack along with the chocolate drink. My sons' lunch bag has two compartments as seen here which is convenient.
Do you have any suggestions on what to pack for a kids' lunch? They don't have the use of a microwave so it has to be something that can be eaten cold or at room temperature.

Before and After

This is a photo of my baby before he had a hair cut. I asked dh to bring him to the hair salon for a cut. They called me on their way home and dh said that I'm going to be surprised when I see T because his hair is now very short.

This is what he looked like when he came home. He lost his curly Qs. :o( Dh said that the hairdresser asked if he wants clippers or scissors. He chose clippers and was surprised when she started taking off T's hair. I'm still getting used to seeing my son with very short hair. I'm glad that he looks good and his head is shaped nicely. LOL Oh well, at least I don't have to worry about his hair standing up every morning before school. :o)

Mommy Moments #3 - Latest Birthday Photos

My daughter A had her 10th birthday party last weekend.
How time flies!

My son meanwhile, had three birthday celebrations. We
were in Europe during his birthday last year. My friend
from college who lives in Germany threw him a party and
my friend in The Netherland did as well. When we came
back to the US, my mother-in-law gave him a pool party.
So now, he's expecting to have many celebrations every year. LOL

Mommy Moments

Mommy Moments #2 - First Picture

This week's theme is first pictures. Here are my babies' ultrasound images and one of their first pictures. I didn't have time to look for A's first pictures. This is what I have in my files (this was before we had a digital camera so all photos are in hard copy.) My son's very first picture as he is held by Dr. Caron.

Mommy Moments

Ugg Boots - Yea or Nay?

My favorite daughter A asked for a pair of Ugg boots as part of her birthday package. (It sounds like a contest or something. LOL) Anyway, I told her that I will think about it since a pair of these boots costs between $80 and up, depending on the style. I don't own a pair just because I don't find these boots attractive although I have a pair of Ugg summer wedges ( they make all sorts of footwear and they also have a clothing line). I've read a lot of reviews where people raved about how comfortable they are and that it keeps the feet warm. Now, my favorite daughter passed on having a big birthday party for her classmates and opted instead for a small party at home with our close family friends. This will save us money since birthday parties on a public venue usually costs around $15 per child. Since we will be saving money without the big party, I'm thinking of getting her these pair of Ugg boots which costs around $125. Well, it's been a couple of days and I'm still deciding. Should I get her these expensive boots knowing that she'll use it for just a couple of years? I plan to get a bigger size so she can at least get a lot of use out of it. What do you think?

How Time Flies

It'll be 10 years ago tomorrow that my favorite daughter was born. I remember when the doctor and nurses saw her. They said, "You guys made a beautiful baby!" Indeed, she is one. When I first saw her face, she reminded me of an angel. She didn't have much hair when she was a baby. What hair she had was short and thin. Nonetheless, she is beautiful.

My baby is now in 4th grade and on the top of her class. She is getting into the stage where she wants to do things for herself, well almost. She wants to choose what clothes and shoes to wear. I've been hearing a lot of stories about tweens and teens and some of them are hairy. Just like they say, parenting is an On-the-Job Training, you learn as you go along. All I can do is be there for her and offer her all the support that she needs. I hope and pray that she will grow up to be responsible, caring and loving person.

To my favorite daughter A, remember what mommy always tells you ever since you were little? I love you, no matter what. Happy 10th Birthday Swinkiepoo!

Mommy Moments #1 - Family Picture

This is a new meme started by Chris of The Mommy Journey. This week's mommy moment's theme is a family picture taken last December. This is the only family photo we have last month. It's usually either me or dh with the kids in a photo. Meet my family: my husband of 10 yrs and 8 months who I call dh, my daughter A who will be 10 next week and my son T who is 4 1/2.

Feeling Good or Not, It Does Not Matter

Whether you're at the top of your game or not, motherhood is 24/7. Have you had one of those days where you wish you can stay in bed for an hour more? I felt that way today. It does not matter that I had 7 hours of sleep which is more than enough for me on a good day. Today, everything in my body seems to be off. My eyelids are heavy and my body aches. All that does not matter if you are a mom like me. Kids still need to go to school so I had to prepare breakfast and get them ready.

This is one of those rare time that I wish I have a helper. I grew up in a household with helpers. My mom works outside of the home so it is very convenient for her. I have some helpers here: the dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer. Thank goodness for these appliances. :o)

So I'm off to drop the kids to school. I hope I feel better soon. It's no fun being sick especially if you are a mother.

The Fun is Over

School starts tomorrow. Yay or awwww? My daughter groaned when I reminded her about it while my son reacted the opposite way. He actually said "Yipee!". LOL The last two weeks passed by so fast, didn't it? It was as if I just finished decorating the house for Christmas and now it's time to take it all down. Well at least I was able to enjoy all of it for about three weeks. I have to go back to my daily schedule of sleeping before 10 pm and waking up at 5 am. I've been sleeping late during these past few weeks and I wake up at 7 am which is 'late' in my book. I hope all the winter storms start up late in the afternoon so I don't have to deal with driving in the snow. LOL Now that school is open I'm sure all of you SAHMs out there are breathing a sigh of relief. We now have a couple of hours of peace and quiet, right?

Been Blogging and Still Learning

I've been blogging for some time now but I still learn something new each day. I visit a lot of blogs that teach how do design a blog, how to monetize a blog, how to get more visitors to your blog, you get the picture. I also like it when they offer free tutorials or courses. One such blog is upstartblogger.com. You can get a free 30 Day blogging course for free. Go check it out.

Google Tag

I received this fun Google tag from Chris of The Mommy Journey and
my good friend Marie of My Life's Rollercoaster Ride. Thank you! :o)

The rules will start by using Google Images to search for your answers to the questions below. You must choose pictures from the first page from the results and post it as your answer.

1. Age Of My Next Birthday
2. Place/places I Would Like To Travel

3. My Favorite Place
4. A Favorite Thing
Honda Pilot
5. My Favorite Food
Fried Chicken
6. My Favorite Color
7. The City I Reside Now
Somewhere in the coast of New England. :o)

8. The City I Was Born in
Dapitan City

9. My College Major
10. Name of your First Love
11. A Bad Habit
News Junkie
12. A Hobby
13. My Wish List
I'm tagging Shy.

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