Before and After

This is a photo of my baby before he had a hair cut. I asked dh to bring him to the hair salon for a cut. They called me on their way home and dh said that I'm going to be surprised when I see T because his hair is now very short.

This is what he looked like when he came home. He lost his curly Qs. :o( Dh said that the hairdresser asked if he wants clippers or scissors. He chose clippers and was surprised when she started taking off T's hair. I'm still getting used to seeing my son with very short hair. I'm glad that he looks good and his head is shaped nicely. LOL Oh well, at least I don't have to worry about his hair standing up every morning before school. :o)


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OMM said...

though i love the curly hair, your son looks so handsome with that new look :)

Mira said...

He's a big boy now! I like the new look. Clippers are better than scissors I think, it's much faster and precise.

Jade said...

Oh my gosh he is so guwapo;) I love the new look too!

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Enchie said...

he looks so handsome and fresh :)

Lou said...

Antonio has a VERY curly hair too that's why he always has the semi-bald (LOL) haircut.

Tyler is so good-looking, watch out Mommy Barb!


carlota said...

awe he is so adorable!

Lanie said...
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Anne said...

He looks so grown up. It is amazing what a big difference a haircut will make.

Lanie said...

Tyler look handsome on his hair cut..he is getting big rin..malapit na maging andrew kalaki lol

foongpc said...

Hi, your son looks very cute! : )
Btw, thanks for advertising on my blog ! : )

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