What's in Their Packed Lunch?

Most of the times, my kids get hot lunch from school. There are days however, one of them doesn't like what's being offered that day. Then I have to prepare a packed lunch that day. The other day, my son asked to bring lunch from home. I gave him a couple of options like the usual sandwich (peanut butter, Nutella, jelly or ham), Foccacia style pizza, Hot Pocket sub or chicken nuggets. I also packed sliced apples for his lunch. I rinse the sliced apple in water with some lemon juice so it won't turn brown. The Oreos you see here is for his snack along with the chocolate drink. My sons' lunch bag has two compartments as seen here which is convenient.
Do you have any suggestions on what to pack for a kids' lunch? They don't have the use of a microwave so it has to be something that can be eaten cold or at room temperature.


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Lanie said...

Andrew was the same like tyler when he was that age, you know if Tyler likes yogurt and lunchables that you can buy in stop and shop, that's one option for you to packed for his lunch.

Ane Fallarme said...

I recommend something that's not greasy and something easy to eat. :D but I have no idea what to recommend exactly... ;P

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