It'll Turn Up Eventually

And it did! I thought that I lost half of my pair of diamond stud earrings. I scoured the bathroom floor and bath mats but no cigar. I carefully looked on the bed and under the sheets, nada. I carefully patted the carpet beside my bed, nothing. I swept the kitchen and dining room wood floor, zilch. I concluded that it is gone forever. I asked dh to give me a new pair of diamond earrings for my birthday, to replace the old one that was lost. Good thing I decided to wait and did not purchase the cute pair I saw in the mall because dh found it on the carpet in the computer room! How did it get there? duh! This was after it had been missing for more than a month. I've vacuumed that room and didn't see anything. He said that it was lodged in the corner of the table legs. *sigh* Thank goodness.

Teaching a Tween to Eat Healthy

Have you tried teaching an 11-year old good eating habits? I think it is harder than pulling teeth, so to speak. Do kids these age try their best not to eat healthy foods? Daughter A loved fruits when she was younger but nowadays, she cringe when I tell her to have some fruit. She eats oranges and grapes and an occasional apple; but whenever she complains that she is hungry and is rummaging in the pantry, she does not want to eat fruits. She'd rather have some kind of cracker or pretzel or even some cereal bar. I hope she gets out of this crazy eating stage, or else she will be like some people who rely on diet pills to keep their weight down.

Playing Favorites?

I know parents cringe if someone suggests that they favor one child over the other. But is there some truth to it? There are some days when I find myself comparing my two children. I did not want to admit it and I still don't but sometimes, I feel closer to one than the other. Could it be because of personalities? It is not that I love one more, because I know that I love them both the same; they came from my body after all. I don't know how to explain it, it's just a feeling. I still remember my sister complaining that I am my father's favorite. I don't want my kids to ever think that I favor one. :\

Hormones are a Comin'

She is in the tween stage. The awkward stage in life where she is not a child anymore yet she is not yet a teenager. I remember when I was at this age, it was hard to buy clothes for special occasions. I was too old to wear ruffles yet too young to wear young ladies' dresses. Now, she is starting to get pimples. I have started her on Mario Badescu products. I also want to try natural acne products. It is pricey compared to the products sold in the corner drugstore but it is well worth it.

Price of Gifts is Directly Proportional to Age

Isn't it true? The older the child is, the more expensive the gift that they want. My eldest is now 11 and will turn 12 early next year. She is not into 'toys' anymore. She mentioned that she wants either a cell phone or an IPod touch for Christmas, maybe a game or two for the DSi and the Wii. It is getting harder to shop for her, and let's not even talk about clothes. Dh feels we are lucky that she is not into shopping while I, on the other hand, kind of wishes she is. It would've been nice to go shopping with her.

Now that Christmas is approaching, I have relatives and close friends asking me what to give her. Is it okay to tell them to give her gift cards or cash? Kids these age are picky. Gone are the days where you can give them any popular toy and they will thank you profusely.

Black Friday Sale

Have you RSVP'd to this event yet? *grin* Hmm, I do not know yet if I will be one of the crazy many to go out that day. Standing in line does not seem too appealing. I still have to make up a gift list for the family. It seems like it is getting harder to think of gifts for children the older they get, doesn't it? Then there is the Christmas stocking. I hope there are nice stocking stuffers for women this year. Getting a surprise gift is nice only if you like the gift but what if you don't care for it? You don't want to offend the giver so you just grin and smile and say 'thank you'. :)

The New Harry Potter Movie

I want to see it, my 11-year old daughter hardly cares for it. :\ Oh well, I'll just have to wait till it comes out on DVD...I think. But if I consider how much it'll cost the four of us to go to the movies, then it will be easier for me to wait that long to see it. I haven't read any of the books, don't know why considering I was a bookworm.

Annual Health Enrollment

Do you agree when I say that it is a lot of work? Reading all the information about different health benefit options is enough to give me a headache warranting a couple of Tylenol capsules. I hope it is as easy as choosing what ice cream flavor to order (or maybe not!) Then there are more options to consider like getting extra life insurance, dental insurance and even disability insurance. This is very important because it is not easy sometimes to get a disability insurance on your own. The good news is that there are companies that will help you get this kind of insurance. This is good to know, it'll help when you have people on your side that knows the ins and outs of disability insurance.
If you ask me, I would rather read a thick paperback novel than going through the annual health enrollment form.

A New Pair of Uggs for Her

Boy, her feet grows longer each day! I had to get her a new pair of boots this year. Her old boots, a classic Ugg does not fit anymore. At least, she was able to use it for two years. This new pair I got for her is the Bailey Triple Button in chocolate. I like this style, she can wear it folded like the photo or pulled up. The Ugg boots are very comfortable, you won't trip over stair rods or slip on icy sidewalks. I hope she gets to use it for a couple of years. Well, since we're almost the same shoe size, I'll be able to borrow it from her and she can borrow mine.

When do Teens Become Responsible?

Hmm, is the answer 'not fast enough"? I hear you. Mine is just a tween but she is already driving me crazy. I just have to remind myself that her brain neurons are not yet wired completely, hence the attitude. I find myself saying the same things over and over again every single day. I should get a voice recorder and just play it whenever the time calls for it. It'll save me effort yaking. yak yak yak. ha ha I wonder if boys this age are the same?

Jobs for Stay-at-home Moms and Dads

Now that your kids are in school full time, what is there to do? That is a good question. For me, I find things to do around the house and I also volunteer at the kids' school. I noticed that private schools are more open to parent volunteers than public schools. I don't know why. Does anyone know?

If you are looking for jobs that you can do from your home, then you might want to consider customer service representative work, mystery shopping, blogging, pet sitting, baby sitting, mom's assistant or personal assistant. These are just some of the jobs that gives you flexibility. I've tried mystery shopping for a year until I got tired of it. It involves a lot of driving and writing reports. I remembered I stopped because the price of gas made it not that much profitable; plus I got tired of eating all those Papa Gino's pizza. haha
Do you know of any jobs that stay-at-home parents like me can get into? Please share.

I'm a Loyal XPS User

Meet my new notebook. Actually, I've had it for about two months now. It is a Dell XPS 17. Love Love Love it! This replaces my old (but still reliable and a powerhorse) XPS M1210. It has an Intel Quad processor (of course, I need to patronize our own) and loads of RAM so it is super fast. I can have many windows and applications open and it doesn't slow down to a crawl like most notebooks. Since it costs an arm and a leg, I also purchased the laptop insurance, just enough to cover the major parts like the hard drive, monitor, motherboard and other expensive parts. I have to admit, I am a techie through and through.; much more than dh is, believe it or not!

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