Price of Gifts is Directly Proportional to Age

Isn't it true? The older the child is, the more expensive the gift that they want. My eldest is now 11 and will turn 12 early next year. She is not into 'toys' anymore. She mentioned that she wants either a cell phone or an IPod touch for Christmas, maybe a game or two for the DSi and the Wii. It is getting harder to shop for her, and let's not even talk about clothes. Dh feels we are lucky that she is not into shopping while I, on the other hand, kind of wishes she is. It would've been nice to go shopping with her.

Now that Christmas is approaching, I have relatives and close friends asking me what to give her. Is it okay to tell them to give her gift cards or cash? Kids these age are picky. Gone are the days where you can give them any popular toy and they will thank you profusely.


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