It'll Turn Up Eventually

And it did! I thought that I lost half of my pair of diamond stud earrings. I scoured the bathroom floor and bath mats but no cigar. I carefully looked on the bed and under the sheets, nada. I carefully patted the carpet beside my bed, nothing. I swept the kitchen and dining room wood floor, zilch. I concluded that it is gone forever. I asked dh to give me a new pair of diamond earrings for my birthday, to replace the old one that was lost. Good thing I decided to wait and did not purchase the cute pair I saw in the mall because dh found it on the carpet in the computer room! How did it get there? duh! This was after it had been missing for more than a month. I've vacuumed that room and didn't see anything. He said that it was lodged in the corner of the table legs. *sigh* Thank goodness.


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