Jobs for Stay-at-home Moms and Dads

Now that your kids are in school full time, what is there to do? That is a good question. For me, I find things to do around the house and I also volunteer at the kids' school. I noticed that private schools are more open to parent volunteers than public schools. I don't know why. Does anyone know?

If you are looking for jobs that you can do from your home, then you might want to consider customer service representative work, mystery shopping, blogging, pet sitting, baby sitting, mom's assistant or personal assistant. These are just some of the jobs that gives you flexibility. I've tried mystery shopping for a year until I got tired of it. It involves a lot of driving and writing reports. I remembered I stopped because the price of gas made it not that much profitable; plus I got tired of eating all those Papa Gino's pizza. haha
Do you know of any jobs that stay-at-home parents like me can get into? Please share.


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