Shop Tomorrow!

Do you know that there are some stores tomorrow that is having a big sale just like the famous Black Friday sales? I heard it on the news. One of the stores is Target and other big stores too. I think Macy's is included. One store started it and when the other merchandisers heard about it, they joined the bandwagon. This is good news for us, consumers, isnt' it? I think I will be at Kohl's tomorrow, right after dropping the kids off to school. I am going to a party on Saturday night and I still don't have anything to wear!

And I Thought They Were Silly

Yet here we are with our dog, Cooper and his Halloween costume! He is dressed up as the horse of the Headless Horseman from the Sleepy Hollow story.

Isn't he cute? :)

Making a List and Checking it Twice...

I know, Christmas is a couple of months away and we still have to celebrate Thanksgiving but it is not too early to make a list, right? It seems that the older the kids get, the harder it is to figure out what to give them for special occasions like Christmas. Kids nowadays are into 'techy' stuff. They listen to music on their IPods, play games on their DSi, Wii or XBox. Now, if they already have these gadgets, like the XBox console, then one gift could be any game that can be played that is compatible with the XBox. I also saw this commercial about the new xbox kinect. Have you heard of this? So what is the difference with Kinect games? Well, Kinect games give you the freedom to jump, duck, and spin your way through a unique adventure without holding a remote. It sounds fun, doesn't it? I read that it wtill be one of the most sought after gifts this holiday season. I have the feeling that a lot of parents will be lining up outside the stores just to get their hands on this game. Will you be one of them? I know I wont!

Do I Hear Bells?

I was in the mall this weekend and I heard a familiar sound. Bells. Not just any bells, it's the ringing bells of the Salvation Army kettle person (is that what you call them?). Hey, I'm not done with Halloween yet! What is going on? I've seen Christmas decorations and christmas gift boxes being sold in a store a week or so ago. This is getting ridiculuous, isn't it? If I remember correctly, after Halloween comes Thanksgiving THEN Christmas. Retailers are trying to cash in but is anyone buying? Not me, for sure. I want to enjoy Autumn first and not to mention, the roast turkey, graving and stuffing before I start thinking of the Christmas holidays. HO HO HO

One Tired Mom!

I feel so tired lately. No matter how much sleep I get at night, I still feel as if it is not enough. Usually, I wake up before 5AM but nowadays when the alarm goes off, I turn it off and stay in bed. It's not as if I have a hard time going to sleep and need some sleeping pills. It's very easy for me to go to sleep, it's the waking up part that is hard. It doesn't help that it's cold in the morning too now that it's Fall.
I've just had a lot of long days. What with the kids' school activities and extra-curricular activities, coupled that with school parent meetings - I am so tired.
So, this weekend, I plan to just stay in bed for an extra couple of hours and hopefully I will feel recharged next week.

Growing Teens

My daughter is now a 'tween' and I am trying to instill in her proper eating habits. Yeah, right! At this stage, they want to eat junk foods for snack. I don't want her to find herself at a weight that she is not happy about. I don't want her to have an eating disorder either and end up looking for all natural diet pills just to lose that extra weight.

I hope that talking to her about eating healthy and healthy living will keep her in line. I know that as long as I keep on reminding her about it, sooner or later, she'll catch on.

How Safe is Your Neighborhood?

There's always bad news about kids being abducted out of their own homes or picked up from their own street while playing. It is very scary! I have two small kids, well, one is not so small since she's as tall as me! You always think that you're glad it's not your kids, right? But of course, in the back of our minds, there's always this fear that something bad will happen to them. I just pray about it.

I'm happy to say that I live in a nice and safe neighborhood. It is one of the things we looked into when we were looking around for a house. We don't want a door that is filled with door locks from top to bottom and bars on the windows. We want a neighborhood where you don't have the fear of your house getting broken into when you're sleeping or out to work. I feel lucky that we have the means to give our kids a safe neighborhood to grow up in. I cannot imagine living in a place where the crime rate is very high, that would be awful.

Winter Break Vacation in Orlando

Disney Wilderness LodgeLast Winter break, we went to Disney World for the first time as a family. I've been there many years ago but that was when I was still single. Now that I'm married, we waited until our son is tall enough to ride most of the attractions. It was a fun yet chilly week! Who would've thought that Orlando will be experiencing that kind of weather?

Anyway, we stayed at the beautiful Disney Wilderness Lodge. It was amazing, did I say it was beautiful? Oh, yes I did already. It was expensive too but well worth it, in my opinion.
Now that winter is coming, it's time to plan our next Winter break vacation. I'm thinking of having another Orlando vacation and this time go to Universal Studios. I want to see the new Harry Potter attraction. Take note, I said 'I' and not my kids. hahaha

Cute but Mischievous

Now, who's not going to fall in love with this fluffy marshmallow of a dog? He is so lovable and sweet...but he does get into trouble once in a while. Is this normal for a puppy? He likes to chew on socks, shoes and *gasp* furnitures!

Good thing the one he chewed is in a part that's easily hidden but, my, I am ready to turn him into a hotdog! Just the other day, I found that a part of our home theater furniture leg has a scratch on it. Yup, it's from the cutest puppy living in our household, well, there's only one but he is cute. Aaargggghhh...

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