Making a List and Checking it Twice...

I know, Christmas is a couple of months away and we still have to celebrate Thanksgiving but it is not too early to make a list, right? It seems that the older the kids get, the harder it is to figure out what to give them for special occasions like Christmas. Kids nowadays are into 'techy' stuff. They listen to music on their IPods, play games on their DSi, Wii or XBox. Now, if they already have these gadgets, like the XBox console, then one gift could be any game that can be played that is compatible with the XBox. I also saw this commercial about the new xbox kinect. Have you heard of this? So what is the difference with Kinect games? Well, Kinect games give you the freedom to jump, duck, and spin your way through a unique adventure without holding a remote. It sounds fun, doesn't it? I read that it wtill be one of the most sought after gifts this holiday season. I have the feeling that a lot of parents will be lining up outside the stores just to get their hands on this game. Will you be one of them? I know I wont!


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