Feeling Good or Not, It Does Not Matter

Whether you're at the top of your game or not, motherhood is 24/7. Have you had one of those days where you wish you can stay in bed for an hour more? I felt that way today. It does not matter that I had 7 hours of sleep which is more than enough for me on a good day. Today, everything in my body seems to be off. My eyelids are heavy and my body aches. All that does not matter if you are a mom like me. Kids still need to go to school so I had to prepare breakfast and get them ready.

This is one of those rare time that I wish I have a helper. I grew up in a household with helpers. My mom works outside of the home so it is very convenient for her. I have some helpers here: the dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer. Thank goodness for these appliances. :o)

So I'm off to drop the kids to school. I hope I feel better soon. It's no fun being sick especially if you are a mother.


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Lanie said...

I am like that too, we don't have chose when our kids need mother care. I wish we have helper, but the good thing I am close her my god mother and Filipino resto because I want to eat when I am very sick I can just order. I hope you feel better get some rest when the kids in school. take care

Amy said...

Mareng Barb, Hope you get better soon.. bon courage:)

shimumsy said...

i hear you mommy from another mom here who feel the same way.

take care.

Mira said...

I heard you loud and clear ;-) A mom's schedule is dependent on our kid's schedule. You must be flexible and can strike anywhere. I realized that in the Philippines we learned how to live, in US we learned how to survive, LOL.

Amor said...

Hope you're feeling better now Barb.Ako nga 1 lang tong anak ko pero nakakapagod din.Oh lalla,na iimagine ko na pag si Alex naman ang mag skul.

Marie said...

Te Barbs, whether you're feeling good or not, I know you still love being a mom. I may have just known you in this blogosphere but reading your posts simply explain how great you are as a mother to your kids and a wonderful wife to your hubby.. If I'd become a mom someday, you will always be among my models next to my mom.. :) By the way, thanks for always droppin some comments in my page.. It did sure melts my heart knowing that a great blogger friend is reading them hehehe.. :) Cge ha, dalhin mo ko sa Popeye Friend Chicken if destiny do brings me to where you are now.. Take care te barbs..

Anonymous said...

So true. I hope you are feeling better soon!

Babette said...

Thank you all for your comments. Any mom is a super mom right? We still trudge on even if our body says "No". I feel much better but I think I still have not caught up in my sleep. Weird. Probably because I have been sleeping late last Christmas holidays. LOL Have a nice day everyone!

Jes said...

tnx for following my blog =)

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