Google Tag

I received this fun Google tag from Chris of The Mommy Journey and
my good friend Marie of My Life's Rollercoaster Ride. Thank you! :o)

The rules will start by using Google Images to search for your answers to the questions below. You must choose pictures from the first page from the results and post it as your answer.

1. Age Of My Next Birthday
2. Place/places I Would Like To Travel

3. My Favorite Place
4. A Favorite Thing
Honda Pilot
5. My Favorite Food
Fried Chicken
6. My Favorite Color
7. The City I Reside Now
Somewhere in the coast of New England. :o)

8. The City I Was Born in
Dapitan City

9. My College Major
10. Name of your First Love
11. A Bad Habit
News Junkie
12. A Hobby
13. My Wish List
I'm tagging Shy.


7 shared thoughts:

Ivanhoe said...

Very cool meme. I hope you don't mind if I play, too :o)

Babette said...

No problem. :o) let me know when it's up.

S-H-Y said...

Tlga specially for me hehehe...Thanks Ate :=).

niko said...

ow dear u are somewhere in UK???

hope to be there in the future hihhh

enjoyed reading ur answers dear.. happy new year!!

Sherry said...

I am winner #8 of chethstudio contest and I won your ad spot 125x125 for a month I choose Heart Random

pls let me know when its up. you can also visit my blog for my first contest.
thank you

Babette said...

You're welcome. :o)

Oh no, I'm here in the US. They call the Northeastern part of the US "New England" since this is where the first settlers from England landed. :o)

Congratulations. :o)

Rozella said...

I love your wish list! :)

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