Dh and I have been planning to re-decorate the family room and the living room for what seemed like a year! Well, actually, it's been more than a year when he said that we will paint the walls a different color. Right now, it's an ivory-color thing on the wall. I was hoping that we'd have it done before Christmas. Since we were out of the country last summer, we weren't able to do it then. One of my worries about painting the family room is the moving of the enterrainment system and all the stuff in it! We have a large one plus it is a pain to unplug all those wires and stuff that connects the plasma tv to the home theater systems and cable box. *sigh* Thank goodness that both dh and I are engineers, we can read diagrams and such. I hope we'll be able to paint this room before the year ends at least, if not, there's always next year!


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