Can I Have a Dog...Pleeeaaaase...

If I had a dollar for each time that my kids asks me this question, I'd be able to buy another Michael Kors bag. My daughter has been asking me if she can get a dog since she was in preschool. Now my son is asking for a dog too. Dh and I have been telling them that when they are responsible enough, then that's the time they will get a pet. Having a pet is no joke, especially here in the US. Since we don't have any household help, we have to do everything by ourselves. Plus, the cost of veterinary care and pet supplies can be very expensive. It'll also be a problem everytime we go for vacation, especially for this family since we love to travel.
So, as of now, we don't have a dog or a cat. Maybe we'll a parakeet or a goldfish for now.


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