Family Dinner

I really think that having dinner as a family is important. This is sometimes the only chance for the family to be together and talk about the goings on in everyone's day. In our household, we have family dinners almost all days of the week. There are times when one of the kids would want to skip dinner because they're not hungry but it does not happen often. I know that in some families, this is hard to do because of different schedules. If this is the case, then make an effort to at least eat together at least once a week.


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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ganoon din kami.

kasi kung sa bahay, hindi talaga mag-ka sabay...

yon isa, late dumating, hindi gutom, n etc.

that is why, gusto namin at least we eat together sa labas, para yon....communication.

thsnk for sharing

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