He is Coming Tonight!

Yes he is.. His name is Cooper, it is his 'original name' and the kids liked it so we decided to keep his name. He is a pure bred Bichon Frise and he comes from a line of champions. Quite a pedigree! We have the house all ready for him, this is just like making the house baby proof! Although this time, we have to make sure there are no wires hanging about. Good thing we don't have any medical equipment in the house, less wires to deal with. We also bought his food, he eats Avoderm all-natural puppy food; toys, and other stuff. He is coming in tonite via American Airlines. I hope there are no delays in his flight. He will be the kids' first dog and they are excited to meet him. I received a call from Cooper's breeder this morning and she gave me her phone number and email address just in case we have any questions regarding Cooper. I'm so glad that he comes from a good home, then he won't have trouble adjusting to ours.


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Chris said...

he is cute!

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