T'was a Long Road Trip

This past Winter break, we brought the kids to Disney World for the first time. They had been to many countries in Europe, but they have yet to go to the 'happiest place on earth'. It's by choice, we wanted to wait until our boy is tall enough to get into most of the rides, and we were glad that we waited. He had a great time all in all! We opted to drive down to Florida since we wanted to visit some friends and relatives along the way. It is very expensive too, to stay inside Disney World. We stayed at the Disney Wilderness Lodge Resort and it was WOW!! The lobby is just breath taking and well-worth the visit. For our week-long stay, inclusive of 5 park tickets, we paid a pretty sum for everything. Good thing we saved for this trip - by cutting back on eating out, for one and by getting cheap car insurance. Will we go back? Hmmm, I think not. Not because we didn't enjoy it but because we are the kind of family who likes to go to new places each time. Well, with the exception of some cities in Europe, we want to go somewhere else next vacation.


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