Enjoying Our Summer Vacation

T riding a tricycle We are into our second week of vacation here in Manila and so far, we are enjoying every minute. T doesn't seem to mind the heat and humidity while A is more bothered by it. I'm thankful that the house is air-conditioned or else she'll probably ask to go back home on the first day. One day last week, our maid came from the wet market in a tricycle and I asked the driver if I can take a photo of T riding the bike. Luckily, he agreed so T posed and flashed a big smile. You should have seen his eyes lit up like projector headlights when he realized he's going to ride the bike. I also keep the kids occupied by bringing them to the mall close by and go to the arcade. Today, I'm bringing them to watch Ice Age in 3D. I think my son is enjoying this vacation more than the 10 year old but I'm sure they will both enjoy it immensely by the time we go to the beach in Dapitan and Cebu City.


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Beng said...

kaya pala you have no new posts, you're here in the Philippines pala. Its nice they are enjoying their stay here.

jeng said...

Your son seems to like it here a lot ; )

niko said...

wow!!! enjoy kayo ng todo dear!

take lots of pictures ha!!

congrats on ur new layout.. ang kyut eh!! u love blue pala?

Chris said...

cool... :D

Teen Supermodels said...

happy vacation.. first time visiting here :)

have a nice day ;)

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