Summer in 6 Months

When do you start planning for your summer vacation? Well, for me, it depends on where we are going. I planned our Europe trip a year before hand. The hotels in some of the cities we went to, like Venice, Rome, Florence and Wengen in Switzerland gets filled fast so I had to make a reservation a year earlier. Can you believe that? Well, if you want to get your room choice, you have to do it but if it's okay for you to sleep in the attic, then you can wait until the last minute. :o)
Anyway, this year, we will be staying close to home. I don't know where to go, maybe somewhere in Maine. We could rent an RV but I don't know if AAA provides rv towing, I have the gold premium membership so I know there's no mile limit to the towing. Well, it's definitely one thing to think about. It would be so nice to finally go camping with my friends and their families.


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