To Diet or Not To Diet?

Like some women out there, I want to lose some weight. Now that I'm in my 40's, I find it difficult to take off extra pounds. Of course, there's the daily exercise which I now get, thanks to EA Sports Active (which I love, love, love!). Now comes the question, should I go on a 'restrictive diet'? I haven't tried any diets so I have no idea which works. I heard of the Atkins diet (kind of scary considering you eat a lot of meat, fat and no carbs) then there's the low-fat diet, the Zone diet, the South Beach diet, the Cookie diet (now this one sounds yummy to me!!) and Nutrisystem. I've been reading a lot of reviews online, including the nutrisystem reviews and it does get confusing!
So for now, I'll keep on my exercise regimen and try to stay off the Haagen Dazs.


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