An Award

One thing I enjoy about blogging is meeting fellow bloggers around the world. One blogger half-way around the world that I came to know and like is Joy. I admire her for being able to maintain her blogs real well. She gave me this award and I am grateful. :o) This is my favorite award of all because I am a mom first and a blogger uhmm last. LOL

I am giving this award to the following who I know are the BEST MOMs around. :o) You can get the animated banner HERE.

Mira, Lanie, Amy, Carlotz, Amor, Lou, Liza, Twinks and Twerlyn


6 shared thoughts:

Carlota said...

thanks so much Barb, really appreciate it. ginaw na! hehehe

Carlota said...

pabalik-balik ako dito hindi mag work ang embed

Liza said...

hi sis! thank you, wala pa ako nito ;) i'll have it up as soon as possible ;)


Moms... check nyo

Lanie said...

I will get this award mareng barb later nalang dahil I am busy today lot of things to do around the house. thank you for the award. I appreciated your kindness. take care.

liza said...

hi sis! the award is up. thanks ulit ;)


Lanie said...

mareng barb paano ko itong kunin ang award di ko ma copy and paste.

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