Shoud She Stay or Should She Go?

Here's what transpired yesterday morning amid the chaos of getting the kids ready for school.

Dh: Honey, A will not go to school today. She has a fever.
Me: What? Why?
Dh: She is warm and coughing.
Me: How do you know she has a fever?
Dh: I felt her forehead and face. She is warm to the touch.
Me: Did you use the thermometer?
Dh: No, but I know she has a fever.

So what did I do? I went upstairs and felt her forehead, she was a little warm. But I didn't stop there, I went to the medicine cabinet and got the thermometer. I checked my daughter's temp and it read 97.7 degF. She doesn't have a fever. Of course, my daughter now was expecting to stay home and miss school but she's not getting off that easily. I told dh that she does not have a fever so she is going to school. My daughter of course was disappointed and she started whining. (I don't like it when she does that.) I told her that she does not have a fever thus she IS going to school. So yesterday after school, we went to have her checked and her pediatrician told us that her lungs sounded fine and the cough she has is nothing to worry about.

I don't want my kids to miss school unless they are sick. If they have a fever or aren't feeling well, they stay home. Last school year, she only missed two days. I'm glad my kids are pretty healthy and they don't get sick often. How about you? How do you decide if your child should stay home and miss school?


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Lanie said...

Mareng barb, I keep andrew when I know if he is really sick unless I check his temperature because I don't want him to miss his school as well. I send him to school even he has a little cold or sick because sometimes he just doesn't want to go to school because he keep saying I a sick, but not really. Andrew miss his class I think 3 days last year and one tardy. You did the right thing not to keep her at home unless she is really sick.

Mira said...

I guess she's suffering from 'lazy' bug, LOL. Dads can be easily manipulated, Moms know best, good job ;-)

Babette said...

Oo nga, unless they have a fever then it's ok to miss school.
Actually, it's her dad's idea for her to stay home. She was already dressed and just waiting for us to leave. Ako talaga ang mahigpit. LOL

Amy said...

Mareng Barb, pareho pala tayo. ako din yong mahigpit while si JP naman super cool kay Alyssa. lol*

casino said...

Hello..that post really made me smile. I can now generally think that kids does that excuse always. :)

Anonymous said...

My friend sent me a really neat gift for my kids and me. It is called a Germy Wormy. It reduces the spread of germs as it is a “disposable sleeve to protect clothes” and is a great tool to teach my kids to cough and sneeze in their elbow instead of their hands. Check out their website.

They have a fun for kids puppet show, activities, and a place to order the “arm sleeve”.

Sam said...

Hi Mama,

Syempre style namin yan no. May time na inaabot ng katam & would like to stay at home. Huh! Alam mo funny story ako sa "dh" thing mo. I'll just post and inform you. Hehehe

Have a blissful day!!!

twinks said...

I remember my childhood years..I used to tell Mom that I'm not feeling well just to excuse myself of going to school. And I failed all the time. I will do the same, like you when my lil girl will be going to school.

Take care,
Twinks :]

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ako rin, ayaw ko sana ma miss ang mga bata sa school nila, pero kung may sakit cla ok lang.
kaya lang sayang, i would say.

dito naman hindi maka skip or cutting classes ang mga bata, kasi letter or fon call sa bahay ang matanggap.

hindi naman sila maka lakwatsa sa labas, kasi pag may makakita nila kung sino, tanong kaagad, wlang pasok?

or kung polis maka huli..........wala cla, kasi alam lahat na school time....

half-day lang pasokan dito, kaya sa pasokan, hindi cla

dyan sa inyo, ganito ba, hindi maka cutting classes ang mga bata?....

Joyoz said...

Naku my kids Mama Beth if they felt sick I always told them to stay home then suddenly they will said I'm fine. Magulat nalang ako tatawag yung admin ng school to pick them up kasi yung nga nilaglagnat, mahina. hay gusto nila tumira school kung pwede lang.

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