Feeling Under the Weather

It is very rare that someone in my family gets sick. It is even a rarer occurence for everyone to get sick one after another. Well, it is one of those rare times. It started with my four-year old. This is his first year in school and he's been getting all sorts of germs and whatnot. He had a cold and then a cough later on from the post nasal drips. Then dh started with a cough and lost his voice but he's okay now. After him came my daughter, she started coughing then it was my turn. I lost my voice Friday night. I'm sure mom's out there know how important our voices are, right? LOL That was the hardest part. Having a cough and sniffles didn't bother me much but not having my normal voice was tough! Anyway, I brought my son to his pediatrician and they gave him an anti-biotic for his sinus infection. It's not even winter yet! A lot of people are getting sick early this year. My BFF Mira and her family all came down with something. Good news is that they are all feeling much better. I think my kumare Lanie and family also got sick before that. Oh my, there must be some bug going on.


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Carlota said...

too early ano? dito sa amin cold na rin. right now i have slight headache and been sneezing hopefully won't get worse.

Hope you all feel better.

Babette said...

Thanks Carlotz! Maybe it's because of the weather too. It was cold then it got warm for a week now it's cold again.

Mira said...

Welcome to the club ;-). I hope you all get better soon. We're still nursing bad cold and cough.

Lanie said...

I think because you have a pre-schooler son and mostly parent send their kids in school even they're sick. I know pre-schooler children in class when they're not feeling well because they're whining a lot and also our weather keep changing. So far we doing well, but we have cold not really bad early last month.

Lanie said...

Take plenty of rest mareng barb and don't wait too long before you go to the dr because the cold and cough you have are the same thing kenny had. He take antibiotic after 5 days and he feel better after, but he didn't take any cough medicine cause once he take the phlym just stick into the lung. I have only some kind of cold that I was sleeping all day and all night in a day as well as andrew, but we are ok. We don't have a fever, but I feel cold all the time and had headache, but my running nose is dripping constantly as well as andrew,but I still send him to school unless he has a fever. Usually if I send andrew to school and if the nurse call to pick him up means he is really sick.

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