Seven Random Facts About Me

I've been tagged by Bryan of Bryan's Mind and Bless of Blessie's Sanctuary. Thanks. :o)

1. I never smoked. I don't like the smell plus obviously, it is bad for your health.

2. I like cheesy snacks (cheez balls, Cheetos, Cheese Puffs, etc.)

3. I've driven straight from San Francisco to Los Angeles and back by myself. It took me about 6 hours each way. Thank goodness I didn't get a speeding ticket. LOL
4. I've watched the 'Young and the Restless' since high school.
5. I like wearing perfume. I love perfume that is fruity or flowery.
6. I love John Cusack.
7. I play computer games and Wii with my kids.


2 shared thoughts:

PinoyCopywriter said...

Good thing that you don't smoke. Don't ever smoke. I believe cigarette is the worst thing man ever invented.

You can tell how much I hate smoking.


Busby SEO Blog said...

I'm a heavy smoker. But I'm trying to quit 'coz my whole family are getting disturbed me

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