Mommy Moments #5 - Loveletters

Dear kiddos,

Valentines day for both of you right now is about having a class party and giving and receiving sweet treats and Valentine cards from classmates. It's all good, everything is about fun and friends. There will come a time though where it is going to be about secret crushes, first loves, boyfriends and girlfriends. You will feel the rush of the first kiss, the butterflies in your tummy when they smile at you and many more wonderful things that comes with being in love.

Along with being in love is the reality that you may get hurt in the process. It is not an easy thing to get through. No one likes to be rejected, more so by the person you love the most. I wish I can tell you that it's not going to hurt but I can't. Being in love means you're opening yourself up for a heartache but that does not mean you shouldn't love someone. It's a part of life. You're going to feel as if the whole world has crumbled around you and it is not easy. It's at these tough times that you will learn how resilient one's heart is. No matter if your heart is broken once or many times, it will find a way to love again. Do not lose hope. It may seem that you won't and cannot love again but I learned that with the right person, it will happen.

I met your dad five months after I just had my heart broken into a million pieces. I thought that life as I know it ended. I was a wreck and was just going through the motions of life. Work, home, work, repeat. I wanted to give up and was always crying myself to sleep. After a month of doing that, I got tired. I can't play this part anymore, I am not that kind of person. I remembered stopping at a church in Mountain View, CA on my lunch break. Always remember the power of prayer. I prayed hard. I asked God to guide me to find the right person. I started dating again until I met your dad. He showed me that with the right person, magic can and will happen.

Do not settle for anything less. With the right person, everything will fall into place. This person will treat you right. Do not stay in a love-hate relationship. A good relationship is all positive. Respect your partner. Compromise. You won't be right everytime, learn to accept it. Leave your pride out the door, it has no place in a loving relationship. Do not try to change your partner, love them for who they are. Choose a partner that shares your belief in God, this is very important. Always remember why you fell in love with your partner. Whenever you are at your wits end, ask mom. I will always be here at your side.

I could go on and on but will just share that when the right time comes. I'm so lucky to have both of you in my life. I waited a long time to have you both and I couldn't be happier. I may not be the perfect mom but I'm always trying my best. I will close this letter with the phrase I use the most "I will always love you NO MATTER WHAT."


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Elizabeth said...

You're so sweet to write your kids a letter like this. Were they able to read this? I like the line:
"I may not be the perfect mom but I'm always trying my best."
Very Me, too! Ingat lagi!

Chris said...

so sweet... and so precious.

thanks for sharing this with us at mommy moments!

Babette said...

I haven't shown them this page, I wrote this on their Valentines card and will give it to them when they're a bit older. It's just a couple of years for my daughter since she's already 10. :) Thanks for dropping by again.

Thank you! :)

earthlingorgeous said...

awww wow an advance letter for your kids ain't that sweet. this is a real great idea I think.

I believe all moms wish their kids the best despite their shortcomings as a mom too.

Happy Valentines!


Jona said...

how sweet of you.
hope you had a lovely valentine!

Anonymous said...


You are an amazing mom and your kids are the luckiest :-)

Take care,
Rhebs said...

i am broken heart on valentine

Gin E said...

That's a great letter to write your kids...and great advice as well. :)

Cookie said...

Your kids are sweet and you're super sweet to your kids, too! It's great to let your kids know about these things, too. It's great to have an open communication with them

meylia said...

lovely mom, i wish someday i could write like that to my kids..

Scotty's Princess said...

Hey Sis! This is my first time here! Buti nalang at naisipan kong gumala, at least I had the opportunity to read this beautiful piece.

You are such a darling Sis! You are one lucky soul to have your husband and ur kids after that heart-wrenching experience.

Enjoy your weekend in grand style!


=zhAri3= said...

hello, babette! i happen to drop by your site and had this one post as my favorite nah. :) it's so sweet of you to write that letter to your kids. i was actually teary-eyed when you told them about how you could get hurt by love yet still inspiring them that it's just a matter of being with the right person at the right time and with God's grace. i, for one, have been through pain coz of loving someone and it's really not that easy. hopefully, when i get to settle down, i'll also guide my kids when it comes to love. thanks for sharing this. ^^

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