Of Dentists and Doctors

No cavities. That's the good news for both my kids. The pediatric dentist gave their mouths a clean bill of health. My son, who's 4, even had a mouth x-ray and the dental technician was so impressed with him. He sat still and did what he was asked, very rare for someone his age. I think it's because he's been coming with us ever since he was very little. He saw his sister sit on the dental chair twice a year so when it was his turn, he knew what to expect. The dentist mentioned in passing that he's going to give us a referral to an orthodontist at the second half of the year. My daughter's teeth is fine overall but she has one tooth that is a little off. She also has a tiny overbite. If we want her to have that perfect smile, then we should consider braces. Of course she didn't want to wear braces. The good thing is there's already one girl in her class who just had her braces last month, so at least if my daughter will wear braces she won't be the first and only one.

Speaking of my daughter, she's also due for her yearly physical. She had a male doctor ever since she was little. He's the best pediatrician in town that's why I chose his practice. Now that my daughter is getting older, she said that she prefers to be seen by a female doctor. I'm glad that they were able to accomodate her request. She started seeing this female doctor in the same office. I can tell that my daughter has started puberty. She's already 4'11" at only 10 years old. A couple more inches and she'll be as tall as I am! I'm thankful that at this stage, she's not like other girls who are already into make-up and boys.


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melanie said...

Still contemplating when to bring Gabz to the Dentist. I am not fond of dentist, but hoping Gabz will be great on her first visit.

Azumi's Mum said...

Your son is just so impressive.. I hope my daughter would be like him in the future, you know kids always hate dentist =(

hmm 3 yrs from now, you'll gonna have a teenager daughter... goodluck hihi

BOGCESS said...

I remember the time when i was a kid. Going to the dentist was a hard time. I'd always scare the dentist telling him that i'll kill him if he comes near me. Haha!

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meylia said...

been reading your story..
for some kids going to dentist is such a nightmare, but your son is not like an ordinary kid, i think..

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