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College Friends While vacationing in the Philippines, one of my agenda was to see my college friends. I haven't seen them since graduating from the university, that's more than 20 years ago. I migrated here in the US a year after graduation and I lost touch with them. Late last year, I found one of them online and we set up a reunion. I planned to come with both of my kids but A didn't want to go. This is a sign that A is getting into the 'teen' stage, you know, the stage where they don't want to be seen with their parents. *sniff*. Anyway, it is not a problem with my son. T wants to go where ever it is I'm going. As long as mommy is there, he wants to be there too. It's great that he wants to be with me but as with any other 5 year olds, he gets bored easily so I hear a lot of "How come it's taking so long?" questions. It got to a point where I make him promise not to ask me that question or not to complain if he wants to come with me.
Anyway, I did get to see my college friends, one of which became a nun. Thanks to the internet, it'll be easier to keep in contact. We plan to have a reunion again in a couple of years so I need to start using night cream so I won't be all wrinkly. I'm sure by then, T will not tag along since he will be in the same stage A is in.


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