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Thanksgiving Prime Rib Dinner
Standing Rib Roast

My family had two Thanksgiving celebrations. Since my in-laws were leaving for their winter escapade in Florida (they're Snowbirds) on Thanksgiving Day, we celebrated it a couple of days earlier, on Sunday. Dh's brothers and their kids came to celebrate with us. We had a traditional Thanksgiving spread with brined and roasted Turkey recipe , gravy, mashed potatoes, sausage and apple stuffing, sausage and mashed potato stuffing, candied carrots, green beans almondine and croissants.
Four days later, on Thanksgiving Day, I cooked Standing Rib Roast (beef)which is so good it's definitely a melt-in-your-mouth recipe. I used Paula Deen's recipe and will be my Prime Rib recipe from now on.


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Lanie said...

So dalawang beses ka rin ba nag prepared ng pagkain sa thanksgiving dinner sa whole family. Masarap yong roast pork mo. Saan yong recipe nyan pwede kopyahin para e try kung lutuin.

Babette said...

Mareng Lan, oo, Sunday and Thursday kaya hindi na kami nag Turkey on Thanksgiving day. Hind pork yung Standing Rib Roast, you use beef Prime Rib. Try it masarap talaga. I will post the recipe in my cooking blog.

Amy said...

mareng barb, ang sarap ng mga niluto mo.. nakakagutom tingnan lalo na yong roast pork:)

Lanie said...

ah ganon ba. Sana isang handaan nalang yong preparation mo. Beed prime rib pala yon naduling ata ako sa pagbasa. Sige e try ko.

Babette said...

Mareng Lan, we had to do the first one with his family on a Sunday because my in-laws were leaving for Florida that Thursday. It's okay for everyone and it's no big deal to me since what's important is everyone's together. I only cooked a small meal for us on Thanksgiving day. I only added the beef part after you commented kasi nga you and mareng Amy thought it was pork.

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