What's Wrong with Being Smart?

My daughter is a smart girl. She's always at the top of her class ever since she started school. We received her school report card last Friday and as usual, she has all A in her subjects. But, she does not want to be called smart. "Why?" I asked. She answered that she does not want to be a 'nerd'. *sigh* Kids...


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Kev said...

Gee...I think kids nowadays are under pressure from society to excel, and if they don't do well, they'd be an outcast. On the other hand, if they do well, others would not like them!

Encourage your daughter to continue doing well. Smart in studies does not necessarily mean that she's a nerd. - television influence - sigh :(

Carlota said...

There's nothing wrong at all! wow- congrats to your smart girl. way to go!

Mira said...

She's good! There's nothing wrong about being called a smart kid. As long as she also maintains a certain balance and enjoy just being a 'kid'.

Sam said...

Hi Mama,

Being smart is not synonymous to the word nerd.

Congrats to her!!!

Lanie said...

She should be proud of being smart in the class mareng barb, they're opposite of Andrew cause he is very proud being A student in class. Congrats amber

Anonymous said...

Wow ang talino talaga ni Amber,grabeh puro A mana sa Mama.For me there's nothing wrong being smart,she should be proud of it.Hop she cntinue that till she finish school.

Joyoz said...

wow Mama Beth..you're so lucky..accepted man niya smart siya or not globe ako ay I mean proud kapa rin diba? Congrats!

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