Mommy Moments - Outdoor Play

After being cooped up inside the house during the winter time, my kids are excited at the first sign of spring. We have a large front and backyard which is perfect for the kids. There is also a wood swing set at the back. A and T enjoy playing catch and baseball with their dad while I go in the swing with them. Our property is set back from the main road so it is very safe for kids to play around the house and in the driveway. They ride their bike to and fro without me worrying about them getting hit by a car. We try to do a lot of outdoor activities during the summer. Being that we only live 10 minutes away from the beach, it is easy for us to just pack up and head to the beach for an hour or two. Dh and I also love to go camping and hike, we plan to bring the kids camping one of these days. We haven't tried rv camping yet but it looks like fun. Maybe one of these days.

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Chris said...

wow, sounds like you have lots of outdoor moments to remember! :D thanks for joining us!

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