This week's theme was suggested by yours truly. :D It's fun to see your child making friends and having a great time. One can only hope that they will be with the right crowd when they're older. I believe that with the proper guidance, they will make the right choices and not fall in with friends that are bad influences. Whether they have a handful of friends or a surplus of friends , I hope that they learn to choose wisely.

My son is shown here with his classmates, one of which is his close friend whose name also starts with the letter T. They are so close that in fact, when his friend T learned that he is going to have a baby brother he wanted to name it the same name as my son. His mom told me just the other day that they will indeed name him after my son. How sweet is that?


This next photo is my daughter with one of her close friends in school. She always comes over every couple of weeks on a Friday to play.


This is my daughter's other friend, also from the same school. There are 4 of them in their group, I don't have a photo of their other friend S.

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4 shared thoughts:

pie said...

Hopping in to wish you a terrific weekend. :)

Chris said...

thanks for sharing your pics :D
and for taking the time to join us!!

happy weekend!

Beth said...

Your son and his friend T are really close! Imagine naming his baby bro after his friend! :) Very sweet! Your son must've a beautiful kasi. :)

Happy Thoughts said...

These are nice photos. :)

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