School Ends Soon for T

My son T will have his Step-Up Day tomorrow. He will be in Kindergarten this coming school year. It's not called a graduation for obvious reasons. So what did T accomplish his first year of school? He is now writing and reading on his own. He read his first Dr. Seuss book. Hop on Pop. It's funny because he saw A's name on it and he asked for a pen and wrote his name on the book. He said that it's his now. A has the complete collection of Dr. Seuss books and I'm sure that T will ask me to take it out of A's book case and put it in his own.

T's also excited to have his 5th birthday party this month and he is also looking forward to our summer vacation. We will be leaving for the Philippines at the end of the month where we'll stay for 4 weeks. My parents are already in Manila and my sisters are arriving in the middle of next month. I don't know what present to get for my mom and dad. They're celebrating their 45th anniversary, the main reason why we're all going there. Maybe I'll get my mom a pair of certified diamonds earrings since she likes jewelry or get them tickets to fly to Rome and join us when we go back to the Eternal City. Yay!


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yobib said...

aw congrats to ur son T! bright child.. :)

so ur having a vacation? weee ingat ingat!!

diamonds are nice gift.. wait how bout the daddy? i guess it will be better to give 2 tickets to rome :) hehe

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