Braces = Perfect Smile

My daughter had her semi-annual dental check-up yesterday and as expected, her dentist gave us a referral to an orthodontist. He already talked to us about it last year; my daughter has a slight overbite. If you look at her teeth, you will not notice unless you're really looking for it. He said that if we want her to have a perfect smile, then she needs to have braces. When I talked to my daughter about it last year, she wasn't too keen on the idea. I can't blame her, who wants to smile and have a mouthful of metal? It's good though that her older cousin got braces a couple of years ago and she now has a beautiful smile; so I always remind her about it. It also helped that two of her classmates just got their braces a couple of months ago. At least she's not going to be the only one wearing braces. We're planning to see the orthodontist sometime this month and ask that she gets her braces sometime before school starts. I have a feeling that other kids in her class will be wearing braces sooner or later. Now for the cost, I think our dental insurace will pay for a portion, well, I hope it is covered. Fingers crossed!


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Pamela Waterman said...

You can find a lot of information about braces at, the website of the American Association of Orthodontists. Also, has links that are good for any age (plus parents), even though it calls itself the website for adults in braces. Best wishes! All three of our teens had them and everything turned out great; it seemed that every other kid in junior high had them, too.

Babette said...

Thanks for these links Pamela. My husband and I don't know anything about it and these sites have tons of info.

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