Mommy Moments #16 - Silly Moments

Mommy Moments - Silly

For this week's Mommy Moments, I am sooo late. Better late than never, right? I couldn't find any photos of my daughter being silly. She probably has some photos when she was smaller but it would be such a chore to get it from storage. My son, on the other hand, has a lot of silly moments since he's the clown of the family. These are some photos I have in my notebook.

The first photo is of him with his Optimus Prime mask on. It has a voice changer so he sounds like a Transformer whenever he talks. He says funny things and hearing it in this voice is hilarious! The second photo is where he was pretending to be in parade. He was walking around the house beating his drum. It was noisy alright but it was great seeing him having a grand time. This last one is a recent photo. He put on this funny glasses and asked me to take his picture.

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6 shared thoughts:

Twinkie said...

Optimus Prime, please gimme! What fun that mask is. :D

Willa said...

boys never fail to show us their sillyness! :D

Chris said...

i love the picture on the right! hehehe

niko said...

hehehehe and cute ha. nakakatuwa.. silly tlga!! :)

Enchie said...

that's so cool Mommy (the optimus prime mask). the silly eye glasses i've been longing to buy, but my husband would laugh at me, so childish of me daw :)

jeng said...

I like the third picture. Joaqui also has one like that. ; )

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