No Smoking and No Drugs Please

I am not a smoker and neither is my husband. I think that being non-smokers gives our kids an advantage. Aside from living in a healthy smoke-free household, our kids are less likely to pick up the habit. My daughter is 10 years old and she knows about the bad health effects of smoking. I remember talking to her about it a couple of years ago. I even made an example out of my ex sister-in-law since she's a smoker. I still talk to her about the consequences of smoking every now and then.
Now that she's at this stage, I think that it's also the right time to talk to her about the dangers of drug abuse. More often, drug abuse starts from peer pressure. If we educate our kids early about drug abuse, we are giving them a head-start and they are well-prepared when faced with that choice. Usually, parents don't talk to their kids about it until it's too late so starting early is a good idea in my opinion. Who would want to see their child in a drug rehab? Nobody of course. I found some helpful information from the National Institute of Drug Abuse website. There is a page for parents and teachers with facts about the effects and consequences of drug abuse and addiction.
As parents, it is our responsibility to prepare our kids to all the danger they might encounter, not doing so is a failure as a parent.


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Anzu's Mum said...

I so much agree =) my hubby is still smoking pa rin pero na-lessen coz he's trying to quit na talaga kaso mahirap yata overnight no... swerte ng mga kids nyo... =)

Lanie, said...

Glad, hubby and I don't smoke. I remember when my father trying to quit smoking, he had problem quiting. His advice to us not to follow his direction because of health effect which both of my sisters don't smoke. We haven't mention anything to our son yet, but when he reach to the age that when his ready to know.

yenpart said...

You are such a great parent! I wish people will make their kids as their inspiration to quit.

have a great week!

Genejosh said...

informative post!

Happy Mother's Day! I have a tag for you. Hope you like it:
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