Mommy moments # - Doctor, doctor, I am sick



This week's Mommy Moments theme is not easy since I don't have much photos of my kids when they're not feeling well.  As usual, our summer Europe trip last year saved me (again!).  On our second day in Rome, my son had a fever and was clearly not feeling well.  He is quite the traveler, through it all, he didn't give us any hard time.  On the first photo, we were visiting the Vatican museum and I didn't hear any complaints from him in the more than three hours we were in there.  He was just quiet, walking when he wants to and other times carried by dh.  In this second photo which was taken the next day, we were in St. Peter's Square waiting for the Wednesday Papal Audience.  You can see the dark circles under his eyes in this photo.  I always travel with  the kids' medicines so we were prepared.  My daughter also got sick during this trip.  We were in Trier, Germany when she had a high fever.  We brought her to the doctor where they prescribed antibiotics.  We were lucky that the doctor was fluent in English so there was no language barrier.  Visit other Mommy Moments entries here.


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Enchie said... hugs for your little one. He is a very patient boy. And how sweet for Daddy to carry him.

Chris said...

being a mommy means you have to be always prepared especially when you are going on a trip di ba? :)

shydub said...

It really sucks when our kids gets sick. Your little guy still ahd the patience even if hewasnt feeling well. he is so handsome

Genejosh said...

I love to visit's really obvious in the photo that he's sick. Good that you always have medicine kit when you're in travel.

Thanks for visiting...I'll put your URL in my bloglist..Hope to be friends...thnks...

Beth Moreno said...

visiting your mommy moments!

aww...that's so bad. they weren't able to enjoy the site-seeing because they felt sick.

btw, hope you can visit my entry too. cheers! =)

Beth said...

oo nga, he looked so pagod and not feeling well sa second pic, nku sobrang alala ko na pag ganyan. siguro sobrang napagod sila.

take care and kisses to your kids Bette! :)

Dhemz said...

wow...that is hard to see them get sick while traveling...siguro sa climate change ata yon te...or nani bago..

glad to know for telling that both your kids were look at them....mas mabilis pa nga silang nag excel...hehehe!

thanks for sharing tebeth!

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