Fears Over Swine Flu

My son came down with a cough and a cold last week. Then last weekend, he came down with a fever. It was during this time when the news about the swine flu was breaking out. I, of course, became nervous. I went online to find out what the symptoms are but it wasn't really a big help. According to what I've read, the symptoms of swine flu is similar to the flu that we've been getting. Since his main symptoms are a runny nose and a cough, then it's not the flu. Just the same, we kept him from school today even though he was feeling well. I do hope that the swine flu doesn't reach our state. I'm a little worried since one of my daughter's classmate just came back from Mexico for Spring break. I hope that he didn't bring any swine flu germs with him.


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jeng said...

Hi Babette, I hope your son is much better now.God Bless!

pehpot said...

oh I am glad it was not the swine flu.. I hope every thing's better now :)

Make or Break

Twinkie said...

Aw! That's really responsible of you not to let him go to school. And yes, hopefully his classmate is free from the actual flu.

Mira said...

Mikey is also sick since Monday night. He's got an on-and-off fever but was tested negative for flu virus, thank God. This is a very scary time, I guess we've got 6 cases of the flu here already. I hope little T gets better soon.

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