Children and the News

My daughter has reached that age wherein she's more aware of what's happening around her. I always have the evening news on and she, of course, hears and sees what's on. There are times where she would ask me about a certain story and I try to explain it in a way that is appropriate for her age. The other night, she saw the news about the raging wild fire going on in South Carolina. She knows that a family close to us just moved in that state. She is worried that they are affected by the fire. I had to explain to her that they are far from the affected area and their house, just like the Outer Banks homes are not in the danger zone. When the collapse of the financial institutions were the news of the day, I also talked to her about it. She has some questions and I tried my best to explain how and why it happened. Thank goodness for the hosts and guests in Good Morning America, I got all my information from them and it really made it easy for me. I think that kids in the right age should be made aware of what's going on around them. If we try to shelter them from everything that's going on, they might grow up believing that the world is a bed of roses.


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yenpart said...

I agree with you on making kids aware of what's going on in their surroundings. Good for you for doing so. Most moms nowadays do not want their kids to be upset - they turn out to be brats and they seem/act like they don't have any care in the world.

-just my opinion (i work with most of them... )

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