Mommy moments # - Daddy moments (in Europe)

                                        Daddy Moments in Europe

I missed last week's Mommy Moments, drat! It was a very busy week for me plus it was also my 11th wedding anniversary.  I was going to post the photo of the pregnancy test kit showing a positive result when I was pregnant with my first born since that was a very sentimental moment for me.  Too bad I didn't get the chance to scan the photo.  Oh well, at least I'm back for this week.  :o)

For this week's theme, I sure have a lot of photos to choose from.  I'm the photographer in the family so there are tons of daddy moments that I captured.  As usual, all the photos here were from our summer vacation last year. It's very convenient since it's all in my notebook compared to the other photos which are in my desktop computer.  Anyhoo, these are some of my favorite captures with dh and the kids.  In Florence, Italy we went to the Leonardo da Vinci museum where they have reproductions of most of his inventions.  In the top of the alps in Switzerland called Jungfraojoch, dh and the kids had fun sledding down the Aletsch glacier.   I especially love the last photo which was taken in the Glacier park in Lucerne, Switzerland.  Dh and daughter stood in front of this funny mirror and had a blast laughing at themselves.  I also have many photos of dh and my daughter walking hand-in-hand while strolling through the cobblestone streets in Europe.  To see more entries, please visit


14 shared thoughts:

Beth said...

wow, very loving Dad here! He sure wants to spend time with his kid ha? :)

☆Willa☆ said...

sweet dad! ako rin ang photographer kaya pag ang theme eh mommy time, hirap maghanap ng entry :)

Genejosh said...'re blessed to have such a loving dad to your kids...

Mine is here:Daddy's Moment

earthlingorgeous said...

Haha I also missed last weeks theme but did it today anyway. What a loving dad and a lucky child, I am so envious for my daughter. Sigh.

nel's bebi said...

i know, it's hard to choose pics huh?!
it's my first time to join by the way and you can visit mine here:

Princess Sarah said...

so sweet, and so loving dad, thanks for sharing. God bless

niko said...

sweetness naman ng husband mo!! ;)

musta ka dear??

pehpot said...

what a wonderful daddy momentsI am glad your back here at MOmmy moments :)

Make or Break

Jes said...

ahh cute daddy and kids =) love it! here's mine -

Beth Moreno said...

i love the pic with the "wheel" thingy...not sure what that is...haha!

by the way, i just recently joined mommy moments...hope you can check out mine. hope to see more from the participants on the following weeks! cheers! =)

Life's journey said...

Nice bonding! happy weekend.

Mine is also here

Anissa said...

Stopping by to say Hi! I love daddy moments -- you can see the softer side of the dads. TFS

Chris said...

wonderful moments captured! :D

fedhz said...

yeah, Mommy ako rin ang photographer, hehe. naku, nakakatuwa nga ung last pic. super! sana may video rin hehe.

sarap naman kung san-san sila nakakarating. ^^

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