Spring, Kids and Yardwork

I don't know about your kids but when my kids tell me that they want to help out in doing the yard work, I don't expect much from it. I know they mean well but I usually end up by myself after 15 minutes or shorter than that for my 4 year old. Spring is definitely in the air, here I am thinking of how to spruce up the yard. I know, spring started last month but here in the northeast, it was still freezing a couple of days ago. I need to go get some annuals to plant in our front yard. It gets expensive, buying these annual flowers every year but it gives color to the yard. When we moved in years ago, I wanted to plant some dogwood trees but our neighbor beat us to it. No problem though because they planted two trees beside our yard so we get to appreciate it for free. Back to the kids, I bought them their own garden gloves to use in planting and yard work. My son enjoys watering the plants, as long as it has something to do with water, he's there. My daughter is getting good at helping me plant the seedlings. Dh mows the lawn although I do it sometimes. We have an electric rechargeable lawn mower so it is very light, no fumes and a breeze to use. So that's what our weekend is going to be for the next couple of month. How about yours, does it involve gardening?


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Lanie, said...

Kenny rake the yard before spreading the grass seed this morning. Next week that would be my work around the yard to start planting some annual plants, but I don't want to buy too much because very expensive. Anyway, andrew wanted to help his dad this morning, but he wasn't feeling well so he stay inside the house. He don't really help that much because he play more than helping his dad.

Twinkie said...

When I bring my daughter to school, we always stop by big yards just appreciating the beautified landscapes. If we're there, I'm sure we will be one of your "parokyanos". :D

Have lotsa fun with your kids! Btw, I've added you to my blogroll na. :)

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