Weekend with Friends

Babette, Lanie and Elvie with kids I had an unusually busy weekend. I spent Saturday prepping the ingredients for Sunday and cleaning up the house. Good thing I didn't have to do much since I started getting organized a month ago and de-cluttering around the house. Do I sound like Peter from Oprah and Friends radio? LOL I made Hoisin Roast Pork, Fresh Lumpia, Arroz con Pollo and Maple-Lemon baked Salmon. Watch out for these recipes in my food blog.

My friend from Maryland is visiting the Cape with her family so I invited them over for dinner. The last time I saw her was 5 years ago. We went to Washington, DC for the weekend at attended her son's baptism wherein I was one of the Godmother. My good friend Lanie and family also came over yesterday although Mira wasn't able to make it. My son and Andrew (Lanie's son) enjoyed the company of our visitors since they're all boys. My daughter meanwhile, kept to herself most of the time with Andrew keeping her company once in a while. Andrew introduced her to this online game called Runescape and showed her how to play it. All in all, it was a fun day albeit a tiring weekend for me. How was yours?

Kids playing


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Lanie, said...

Mareng barb, thanks for having us yesterday, the food that you prepared is really delicious. I didn't eat anymore when we got home only Andrew and Kenny. I am exhusted yesterday from Sunday School of Andrew then went to church then to your house. I am already tired from our girls night out. I went back to sleep this morning after dropping off Andrew to school. I sleep for 2 hours then my monica, claire calling then I wake up.. but it was a great weekend even it's tiring. thanks for the fresh lumpia..love it. I am looking forward to make on.

Amy said...

Mareng barb, can't wait to see those yummy recipes in your food blog!

nice to see Mareng lanie, elvie & her boys too.. may binata na pala sya:)

Mira said...

Wow, you prepared a lot! Too bad I missed it ;-) Anyway, we took Mikey to Easter egg hunting in a farm in RI and had a brunch on Sunday at Holiday Inn. And of course, I attended to never ending chores ;-).

DhoyM said...

Hi Barb, kumusta, tipong nag enoy ang mga kids ano? miss na miss na ng New England kids ang summer.

mermaidejen said...

Hey wow! nakakagutom naman iyong foods just to think of them. Kids seem to have enjoy the weekends, Amber is beautiful teenager now. She is so tall..

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