She is Twelve!

Yes, A turned 12 years old a week ago. Time flies... I'm starting to experience what other parents have experienced, she is embarassed to be held by me! Oh no! ha ha We were in the mall and I wanted to hold her hand and guide her through the crowded lanes and she said "Mom, don't hold my hand." Oh my gosh, I almost died! *sigh* But I know I'll live...barely. :)

She would rather spend time with her friends or do things on her own. Just last month, we let her watch a movie with her friends. I drove her to the theater and waited with her until her friends came. We let her go as long as her friend S is going, we know her and her family. I also made sure to lecture her to be aware of her surroundings and look for the exit signs inside the theater just in case there is an emergency. This was one of those times where she needs her own cell phone; I let her use mine so we have a means of communicating with her.

How long does this teen years last, is it really until 18 years old and then they'll be your best friend?


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